Prevent and Repair
Your Dry, Damaged Hair

Let’s be honest: everybody wants healthy, gorgeous hair, and in a quest to do so, we many times do more damage than good to our hair. How many times do we break the promise of not using heat on the hair while getting ready for a special occasion!
That quick blow-drying morning routine while rushing to the office or that vibrant new hair color, all add up to the ever-increasing burden on the health of the hair.
Be it perming, curling, or straightening, there is a short phase of glamour added to the hair, but you end up with dull, damaged, and thinning hair.
So, I assume everyone is dying to know the way to solve severe hair issues.

At first, did you know that 79% of women are struggling with some degree of hair issues like thinning, greasy, or damaged hair by their 30th birthday?

We can't see how dirty our scalp is just by the naked eyes but this is actually what the scalp looks like for many women.
The truth is, even after washing your scalp every day, over 90% of women's scalps are still filled with buildup and dirt.
The solution is very simple: just cleanse the dirt from deep inside the pores. 

Thus, shampooing is the only way…but unfortunately regular shampoos can't completely cleanse the scalp! Their bubbles are too big and impossible to completely clean the dirt from deep within the pores.
If the pores are clogged with buildup, blood flow is reduced and nutrients cannot reach the pores.
With such a terrible scalp condition, no matter which high-end product you use, it’s all useless because nothing will reach the hair follicles.

Not only that, but also most regular shampoos contain harmful ingredients like "synthetic surfactants" and it can strip off the natural oils from your scalp and hair. These ingredients are almost the same as dishwashing or laundry detergents. If you continue to use those harsh chemicals, not only will it cause damage to your hair but also eventually see thinning hair or even bald spots.
Let me tell you about a phenomenal product that has been getting popular all over the U.S. 

ELUXE carbonic acid shampoo is the easiest and best way to repair your damaged hair.

Here is what actual users are saying!

I couldn’t believe my hair got thicker in just a month. I only changed the daily shampoo and this solved my severe issue right away!

I loved the shampoo from day one. I feel my hair softer, easier to detangle and I now have more definition on my curls.

I can totally feel the difference after the first time trying this! Of course my hair stopped falling out. But more than that, it feels so soft and smooth! Its compassionate care for your damaged hair leaves it soft and strong.

Eluxe's carbonate density is 8X more than the one used for head spas at beauty salons!

The ultra-dense micro bubbles are 1/2000th the size of a hair pore. So, no matter how stubborn the dirt and buildup are, it can absorb and completely remove bad oils and grime from fine pores without damaging your scalp.
The power of strong carbonic acid is what makes it possible to achieve this level of lather even without the use of harmful ingredients!
It corrects the distortion of hair roots, leading to strong, and voluminous hair.

What's More??

ELUXE contains 9 rare active ingredients, 5 vitamins and minerals to keep your hair thick, strong, and smooth.
The micro-bubble locks all those ingredients deep inside your hair, so it's moisturized and smooth from the moment it's dry! No matter what your hair type, ELUXE carbonic shampoo is exactly what you need.

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