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ELUXE Repairing Hair Oil

Want more shine, hair with more body and bounce, and dramatically faster growth?
ELUXE Repairing Hair Oil contains powerful ingredients to do it all – including erucalactone, fullerene, 4 rare organic oils, and 19 all-natural compounds that all help hair heal, grow, and stay strong.

✔︎Adds shine ✔Prevent hair tangles

✔︎Nourishes and moiturizes ✔Improve hair texture

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Join the thousands of thrilled women who have regrown hair and changed their lives with ELUXE

ELUXE’s world-class carbonic acid concentration is your stepping stone to stronger, healthier hair. Simply use it once daily to create a healthy, nourished environment on the scalp for hair to grow. Formulated with 9 ingredients clinically proven to promote hair growth, 2 ingredients for hair shine, and 3 for improving hair texture so you can achieve your best hair yet.


This unique sparkling foam sparkling shampoo by ELUXE is easy to use. Just wet your hair, apply the shampoo and rinse. My hair feels thicker, smoother and shinier just after one use.

Oxana - Using Go Glow Kit

Loving "Eluxe Carbonic Acid Shampoo and conditioner. It's leaving my hair super nice and shiny, also gets rid of all the frizz. It's so easy to use and feels so light!

Jody - Using ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo

Their ELUXE Carbonic acid shampoo & Rejuvenating conditioner has been so good for my hair and so easy to use. Love the foam shampoo and love the smell of it.

Sabrina - Using ELUXE Hair System

I'm just one wash, my hair felt amazingly smoother, super clean, shiny and gave the right amount of volume I needed! This is the first foam shampoo I've tried and now I'm obsessed!

Audre - Using ELUXE Hair Growth Combo

ELUXE serves to increase the oxygen delivered to the scalp to rejuvenize and bring new life to your hair. In fact, it even helps hair products style your hair better so that you no longer have to fret split ends or hair breakage!

Alexia - Using ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit


Why choose the ELUXE Repairing Hair Oil?


A compound that dramatically reduces frizz while preventing tangling, helping your hair to stay styled throughout the day. It also improves texture with long term use.


A Nobel Prize-winning discovery that moisturizes hair at an insanely deep level, affecting individual cells of the hair. It protects hair from UV rays while also preserving artificial coloring, and as if that wasn’t enough, it also adds to hair’s overall shine.

All-natural compounds

Four organic oils and 19 other natural ingredients all work synergistically to revitalize hair, starting with the very first use. Including moringa oil, mongongo oil, baobab oil, pomegranate oil, and many others, finally there’s an effective, earth-friendly formula you can feel good about using.

What to know about ELUXE before getting started

How do I use ELUXE hair oil?

Does ELUXE work on dry hair?

Is ELUXE scented?

ELUXE Repairing Hair Oil Ingredients

Based on 64 reviews
ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Renee Rosenbaum

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit (Subscription)
Margot Connole
Exceptional products

My hair has transformed by using these products. I have long hair and it was looking pretty wild. Now it is smooth and healthy looking. Also the scalp product is a WOW. I have had a tender scalp for years and the product eased my scalp with just a few uses.


I love this product, my hair has felt thicker and I have had less hair loss. I makes my hair just feel clean and soft. Would recommend to anyone who ask.

The "shampoo" is different, but does a good job, I love the conditioner. My hair is SO much easier to brush out when it's wet. I noticed a difference after the first use. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo (Subscription)
Laurie Morgan

ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo (Subscription)

WOW! You have to TRY IT!

From the first washing my hair felt fuller and so clean .. just like when my stylist washes and blow dries.. I really am very surprised! I have thin fine hair! This shampoo is remarkable and I have tried many brand hair pro's use! LOVE IT!

It Really Works!

I suffered from trying to make my hair look fuller by poofing it up, but all it did was make me look old school. Now my hair just looks great and modern without teasing.

I like it

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Dixie Lenz
Who Knew ?

I meant to order moisturizer for my face and skin but must have accidentally hair products! I like them. Glad it worked out nicely.

Thank you

I have tried everything out there and nothing works like Eluxe, nothing. I have thick low porosity curls that are protein sensitive but my hair loves Eluxe!

Terrific hair!

My hair is getting older .... just like me. Lack-luster, thinning, but after two weeks of ELUXE treatment, I can already recognize the difference. My scalp feels cleaner, never itches and my hair is softer. I actually feel like the hair feels younger.

ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo with Free Gummy(Subscription)
tereaa Barget

Shampoo great question do you send vitamins every 3 months I will be out than or do I re-order

Eluxe Hair System
Kaleigh Davis
Hair Growth

I have suffered from thin hair all my life. And over the years it has gotten worse. I have been using Eluxe for 2 weeks now and I have noticed some growth!

Excellent Results

A very pleasant surprise was what I experienced after my first usage of this shampoo. I could not believe how little shedding I experienced during my detangling session!!! It was incredible. I would most definitely recommend this product to others; especially if they are having a problem with shedding. I will be a repeat customer for sure!!!

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Cathy Mix

Love the way my hair feels!! Smells great too!

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Lillian Rosa

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Olena Martyniuk

Good product

Great product

I really love this product, it changed how my hair feels from the very first time using. It's a great product

ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit
Teriese Headrick
Love this new system my hair feels alive again.

Excellent products so excited about how my hair is feeling so much better
after only a few weeks of use. I love it

ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo (Subscription)

LOVE love love

Makes your scalp healthy, flake free & allows your hair to thrive....the only draw back IS the scent....smells mediciney. But other than THAT fantastic. The deep & gentle scalp cleansing IS like NO other. And TY FOR LOWERING THE PRICE.....


A few years ago I noticed my hair was starting to get thin and it was very unhealthy in general. I saw an ad for Eluxe on YouTube and decided to give it a shot. Few years later now, I've been shedding way less, my hair has more volume and it feels WAY healthier. If I use it consistently I noticed it helps a bit with my dandruff too! I try to snag a new can whenever there's a sale cuz I love this product so much :)

ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo (Subscription)
Kathryn Simon
Best shampoo ever!!

I love your product. My hair has never felt so healthy and clean. My hair was thining and I ready have thin hair.. Afther 3 times of using this product my hair started to have new growth. I will never use another shampoo. Keep making it. Love it. !!

I lovez the product. My hair actually lovez me again. The only issue I have is I have incredibly long hair and the conditioner needs to come in a bigger size.