ELUXE Global:Premium haircare products are now available in Australia.

ELUXE Global:Premium haircare products are now available in Australia.

ELUXE empowers women to take control of their identity and feel confident and attractive by restoring a youthful & healthy appearance to their hair. We use the best all-natural ingredients to make you feel your best!


ELUXE is changing the world of healthy hair care one bottle at a time. In 2021, we became the first company to launch carbonated acid shampoo in the U.S. and sold more than 300,000 bottles.

When our founder discovered this unique carbonic acid shampoo, he noticed it was only used in luxury salons. Seeing the potential in the product, he envisioned a microbubble shampoo specifically for women that didn’t require an expensive visit to the salon to get it.

Our team got to work with a manufacturer, formulating a superior product that promotes better hair growth and improves cleaning and scalp health.

Our company’s mission is to fix scalp problems, female hair loss, and damaged hair with all-natural ingredients and a luxury spa experience.

Gain Your Confidence Back

With ELUXE, women will experience the incredible results of a carbonic acid shampoo that works to rehydrate and restore luster to the hair.

The deep cleansing power of the microbubbles unlocks a true transformation. It helps change how a woman looks on the outside and how she feels on the inside. ELUXE helps women to restore a beautiful, full, and healthy head of hair they can be proud of and makes them feel more attractive and confident.It’s just one less thing they have to worry about!

ELUXE designed for All women in their 20~50s

When an ELUXE woman walks into a room, she catches everyone’s eyes. It’s hard not to notice healthy, radiant hair. She often gets asked, “What magic are you using to get your hair to look like that!?” The answer will shock them. It doesn’t take expensive monthly trips to the salon. The magic is right at home inside every bottle of ELUXE.

What is ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo?

ELUXE carbonated acid shampoo is designed for people concerned about hair loss, scalp health, or damaged hair.

The super-concentrated carbonic acid in our shampoo creates fine bubbles that effectively unclog pores in the scalp. If these clogs aren’t flushed out, they can lead to hair loss. In addition, carbonic acid improves blood circulation and activates hair follicles. It improves the scalp environment, leading to the prevention of hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

Super dense Carbonic Acid foams from AU ELUXE & AUS ELUXE

The problem with today’s shampoos is that the structure of the cells in the products is too large to get into our tiny hair pores and clean them properly.

Most shampoos on the market are lather or gel-like in consistency and have around 1,000 ppm. But ELUXE, which is a foam shampoo, has 10,000 ppm.

What Does PPM Mean In Shampoo

It means that microbubble cells in ELUXE are small enough that the carbonic acid can penetrate the pores to deep clean the scalp and even free up sebum plugs. In addition, carbonic acid has a pH level that eradicates oils, dirt, etc., from the hair and pores. The microbubbles also physically fluff up each hair strand, adding volume without compromising hair quality.

The product’s chemistry is why it’s one of the only shampoos on the general market that truly volumizes, hydrates, and heals hair.

There is no quick fix in hair care, and a true transformation doesn’t happen overnight. However, after using ELUXE for about 3 months, you can expect to have healthy, happy hair.

ELUXE Now availablein Australia!

After ELUXE succeeded in the U.S., we began full-scale sales in Australia in 2022.

Not surprisingly, in about 6 months, ELUXE has already recorded sales of 10,000 bottles. Our products are available online and in some physical stores. The ELUXE team continues working hard to expand our product line in the stores close to you.

With the amazing development speed and demand for our product, ELUXE will launch in more countries like Canada and some European countries very soon.

ELUXE is dedicated to spreading the value of beautiful and healthy hair to women worldwide.

The Difference Between U.S. ELUXE and AUS ELUXE?

ELUXE’s Micro Repair Formulation:Repair Damaged Hair from Inside

Before ELUXE

after ELUX

The ingredients and effects of AUS ELUXE and US ELUXE are nearly identical.

Both AUS ELUXE and US ELUXE contain the original micro-repair formula, which repairs damaged and dry hair from the inside out.

Use ELUXE for at least 3 months to help hair regrowth

Also, with the power of 8,000 ppm carbonic acid foam, hair loss or thinning will be effectively improved.

As you can see, US ELUXE and AUS ELUXE have different package designs, such as different brand colors and logos.

Additionally, the product line is a bit different.

AUS ELUXE provides Sparkling Organic Spa Shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. US ELUXE also provides a scalp essence called “HAIRICHE” and Biotin Gummy on top of selling shampoo and conditioner.

We are expanding our U.S. ELUXE products and will start offering hair oil soon. In addition, AUS ELUXE may offer HAIRICHE Scalp Essence in the future. Our team is working on providing more amazing haircare products to support every woman’s hair beauty. If you want the latest news and products from either of our ELUXE brands, sign up today to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Why ELUXE Became So Popular?

ELUXE aims to fix the most troublesome hair problems in women. Hair loss, damaged hair, and scalp issues have become most women’s nightmares.

The secret to success is found in ELUXE’s ingredients. We use all-natural ingredients in our formulas and include rare active ingredients to give your hair the healthiest product and best results.

Until ELUXE, the only way for women to achieve truly rejuvenated and lustrous hair was through salon-grade treatments and products, which cost a pretty penny. With ELUXE products, women can finally enjoy the same top-dollar salon experiences and result in their own homes for a price they can afford.

Our high-quality product formula and aromatic qualities provide a sensual and salon-like experience and gives customers that same feeling of rejuvenation afterward. With ELUXE solutions, you can fix your damaged hair or hair loss with a simple wash, saving you time and money.

What To Expect Using ELUXE Haircare Products?

You can feel the vast difference between ELUXE and regular mass-produced shampoo from the first use. Our all-natural hair products feed your scalp the nutrients it needs to turn all the dull and lifeless strands into glamorous and full-bodied hair.

To improve your scalp environment, achieve a healthy scalp, and stimulate new hair growth, our products must be used regularly for at least 3 months. (That’s why a subscription is recommended! Learn more by clicking here)