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ELUXE Biotin Gummy

ELUXE Vegan Biotin gummy packed with powerful ingredients, including biotin, vitamins, and folate, this low-sugar supplement is a must-have for those struggling with hair growth, volume, and shine.

✔︎Support healthy hair, skin and nails ✔︎100% Vegan

✔︎Nourishes and moiturizes from the inside ✔︎Delicious cherry flavor

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Join the thousands of thrilled women who have regrown hair and changed their lives with ELUXE

ELUXE’s world-class carbonic acid concentration is your stepping stone to stronger, healthier hair. Simply use it once daily to create a healthy, nourished environment on the scalp for hair to grow. Formulated with 9 ingredients clinically proven to promote hair growth, 2 ingredients for hair shine, and 3 for improving hair texture so you can achieve your best hair yet.


This unique sparkling foam sparkling shampoo by ELUXE is easy to use. Just wet your hair, apply the shampoo and rinse. My hair feels thicker, smoother and shinier just after one use.

Oxana - Using Go Glow Kit

Loving "Eluxe Carbonic Acid Shampoo and conditioner. It's leaving my hair super nice and shiny, also gets rid of all the frizz. It's so easy to use and feels so light!

Jody - Using ELUXE Carbonic Acid Shampoo

Their ELUXE Carbonic acid shampoo & Rejuvenating conditioner has been so good for my hair and so easy to use. Love the foam shampoo and love the smell of it.

Sabrina - Using ELUXE Hair System

I'm just one wash, my hair felt amazingly smoother, super clean, shiny and gave the right amount of volume I needed! This is the first foam shampoo I've tried and now I'm obsessed!

Audre - Using ELUXE Hair Growth Combo

ELUXE serves to increase the oxygen delivered to the scalp to rejuvenize and bring new life to your hair. In fact, it even helps hair products style your hair better so that you no longer have to fret split ends or hair breakage!

Alexia - Using ELUXE Premium Total-care Kit


Why choose the ELUXE biotin gummy?


The biotin gummy is chock-full of folate, a critical ingredient in helping the body produce healthy, fast-growing hair while simultaneously supporting the health and appearance of your body’s skin and nails.
• Prevents premature graying
• Prevents hair loss
• Adds volume
• Adds extra shine
• Increases natural red blood cell creation and blood flow

Vitamin A and C

Arguably the most important vitamins for hair health, the gummies come with a generous dosage of vitamins A and C. While vitamin A is a proven antioxidant that prevents free radicals and slows aging, vitamin C reverses hair loss, improves hair strength, and increases collagen levels to improve hair elasticity.

Iodine, Zinc, and Sodium

These 3 compounds have been shown to strengthen hair, help the natural healing process, and kickstart tissue growth. And since iodine and zinc are deficient in so many people, these gummies are an excellent way to improve your daily nutrition without changing your diet.

What to know about ELUXE before getting started

Can I take ELUXE biotin gummy with other hair-supportive products and supplements?

How do I take ELUXE biotin gummies?

Does it contain artificial dyes?

Based on 42 reviews

A few years ago I noticed my hair was starting to get thin and it was very unhealthy in general. I saw an ad for Eluxe on YouTube and decided to give it a shot. Few years later now, I've been shedding way less, my hair has more volume and it feels WAY healthier. If I use it consistently I noticed it helps a bit with my dandruff too! I try to snag a new can whenever there's a sale cuz I love this product so much :)

Best shampoo ever!!

I love your product. My hair has never felt so healthy and clean. My hair was thining and I ready have thin hair.. Afther 3 times of using this product my hair started to have new growth. I will never use another shampoo. Keep making it. Love it. !!

I lovez the product. My hair actually lovez me again. The only issue I have is I have incredibly long hair and the conditioner needs to come in a bigger size.

I went to get my hair cut and colored and my hairdresser said "You have a lot of baby haird coming in. What has changed " Told her about your product and now she uses it herself and refers customers to your website to purchase your product. Awesome product with great results. Love it.

Carbonic acid shampoo

I highly recommended shampoo. I noticed a difference after a few days of using it my hair shedded way less and my scalp feels way more clean. The conditioner on the other hand I did not like very much. In my opinion my hair felt more dry than before I started using it. But to end on a good note I definitely would recommend the shampoo if you have hair shedding.

With this product my hair is more manageable. I have less shedding and breakage than ever before


Best ever! Really shiney healthy bouncey my new fave! It truly makes your hair sparkle!

Makes my hair feel & look great!😃


Feelnas though it repaired my hair

My hair feels amazing, but I have very long hair and I need a bigger bottle of conditioner even though it takes less than my old brand. I'm very happy with everything else. My hair lovez me again lolz.

Happy thoughts

I love the texture and scent of the product. The price was nice as well. It has left my hair feeling healthier and more voluptuous.

Great product

I began using the carbonic acid shampoo & noticed two things--my hair felt cleaner & lighter right away, & I did not need to use a lot of conditioner to untangle my hair after washing. The dramatic hair loss I had been experiencing drastically reduced after a week of washing with the Eluxe shampoo.
Good product. Great results.

Love it so much

My family is so annoyed with me because I can't stop talking about how much I love this stuff. My hair feels so soft, I shed way way less, and it seems to have helped my dandruff cuz I haven't been scratching my head nearly as often. My hair is so much easier to brush now, and I've noticed a bit of volume to my hair. 10/10 would purchase again


The results of my experience with this product was very disappointing. I will not buy again. Customer service was lacking as well.

Love it!🥰

I love using this shampoo it's already lather and ready to clean! It is so easy and perfect for my hair and it didn't make my hair frizzy it made it shine how wonderful! Seems like it should smell like fairy dust something👍

Go Glow Kit (Subscription)

This shampoo is amazing!!!

This shampoo is amazing!!!
It's the First product that I've used that has actually helped cleanse my scalp and hair. I've used this shampoo for a few weeks now and I've noticed that my scalp is cleaner no more flacks, itchy scalp and constantly dirty scalp and hair I've tried so many other products for my scalp and hair and I've lost so mush hair over 10yrs and nothing worked but I've noticed a Real difference with this shampoo. IT REALLY WORKS !!!

Carbonic Acid Shampoo (Subscription)

Go Glow Kit (Subscription)

Love it!!

Makes my hair look great but could improve the smell of it.....

Wonderful for my scalp psoriasis

It has tremendously helped my scalp psoriasis, so I want to share that for those with scalp skin issues! I will buy for a while, if not, for life!

Best ever!

I purchased the shampoo based on the claim of others about scalp improvements. It definitely delivers! My scalp hasn’t felt this good in decades! Thank you so much!!

I never got the pitiful yet!!

Great product and excellent customer service!

My order arrived damaged during shipping. I contacted customer service and they sent out replacements right away! The product is amazing and leaves my hair silky smooth.

Happy but

I'm happy with the use of the product, but I don't actually notice a difference in my hair health (yet?) It's still frizzy as ever and looks the same to me. Willing to keep trying! I've used the product as directed three times now